It all 1983, when Alton and Yvonne Kingon bought a plot of land below the  Amatola Mountains in Stutterheim, with a dream in sight for retirement.  The land was totally over run with "black wattle", and over the years they made frequent visits to clear out this menace tree.  After a while they had to buy an old tractor as pulling out the Wattle trees was a mammoth task.  Soon they had a small area cleared, where they put up a small shed and connected a rain tank for water.  They were able to keep the tractor and tools in the shed.  After time they built a small cabin which they put 2 beds in, and were able to stay over every now and then.  School holidays and weekends were spent at Wattle Chop.  It was great fun to get away from city life and live in the bush.  Progress was slow, but every moment was thoroughly enjoyed.  They started to plant pine trees and the avenue of pin oaks.  The end of the plot had a swampy area, so they hired a bulldozer which dug out a dam.

As retirement grew nearer they planned there home, and in December 1998 they retired and moved to Wattle Chop permanently.  The amount of time and energy spent erradicating this alien tree, they could not call their small holding anything else but WATTLE CHOP...

In 2007 their daughter Tracey decided to give up the rat race and join her Mom at Wattle Chop with her dream of opening up an accommodation establishment.  The once Wattle plantation is now a safe, secure family orientated holiday destination.